Actuarial Services


We provide ongoing Actuarial Services to over 1,100 qualified retirement plan sponsors located in all 50 states.
Since 2006, we have designed and installed over 700 new
Cash Balance Pension Plans.

 Insurance Services


Providing for an insured pre-
retirement death benefit in a 
Cash Balance
Plan makes sense for certain plan sponsors. Doing 
so may
enable a plan sponsor 
to increase their tax deductible
and provide for a tax free death benefit to plan participants.

Termination Services


Cash Balance & Defined Benefit Plans are set up to accomplish certain goals. When those goals are met, it makes sense to terminate the plan. Terminating 
a Pension Plan requires careful planning to make sure that expectations are met.

Why McHenry Advisers?

Experience: We have worked with thousands of plan sponsors through significant law changes and business cycles.


Smart Plan Design: We focus on plan designs that meet the specific goals of a plan sponsor but are also simple and straightforward to implementand communicate.


Proactive Plan Management: We take a proactive approach 

to plan management that recommends and initiates changes 
plan designs when needed to avoid undesired consequences.


Plan Saves: Our approach to plan design and service has been developed in part through our experiences with takeover plans.

We know bad design and how to avoid it, because we have
it and been engaged to correct it.


Innovation: We provide unique actuary-designed, pension plan maximization and tax minimization solutions.


Effective Design, Simple and Straightforward, Clearly Communicated


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