Retirement Plan Design

Thank you for your interest in a McHenry Adviser's Retirement Plan Study.  We appreciate your business and are looking forward to getting started on handcrafting your plan.  

Good things take time.  Due to the specialized nature of our work and the high demand for our services,  please allow 7 to 14 business days to receive an illustration from one of our highly trained, expert actuaries.  

In order to provide your client with the best Retirement Plan Design please note,  rush studies can not be accepted at this time.  Thank you again for your valued partnership.  We look forward to working with you.

Retirement Plan design study 

Employee Census

The employee census is essential for us to create your client's personalized plan.   Please download the form, then upload it to our system using the white box below.  


In an effort to expedite your study as well as to modernize our process, we are no longer accepting hand written faxed copies.   Thank you for your efforts in aiding  our overall efficiency. We appreciate your help in modernizing our process.

Your client's plan will go in our cue once we receive the completed employee census.  We are excited to get started designing your client's plan.  

Additional Businesses

Please use this space to tell us about any other businesses your client may own.