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Modern Qualified Plan Symposium 2023

For over 26 years, Scott R. McHenry, President and Chief Actuary of McHenry Advisers, has been focused on ways to help clients turn their hard work into a dream retirement.  His professional journey began after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Accounting.   Scott quickly learned the qualified plan business with great mentors and sitting for the esteemed Enrolled Actuary exams.  

In 2006, Scott’s andvision for his own firm lead him to starting McHenry Advisers.  His vision included retaining the relationship with the firm that gave him his strong qualified plan and taxation foundation, and they remain an important and valued client today.  

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McHenry Advisers

At McHenry Advisers, Scott has found support through referrals from financial professionals that partner with him to provide custom tax strategies for their business-owner clients. McHenry Advisers works with Financial Professionals in all 50 states.  
To each client,  Scott brings extensive knowledge of business taxation and qualified plan experience. Scott has established himself as the leading Qualified Plan expert in the country.  As an Enrolled Actuary and Life Insurance Agent, he brings a unique perspective and a personal touch to every plan that the firm designs.  

Scott lives in New Albany, Ohio with his wife, Allison, and their three sons.

The McHenry Advisers team consists of 1 Attorney,  9 Enrolled Actuaries, 8 Pension Consultants, and 4 Executive Concierge Team members, ready to help.  
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